Book Week Parade 2014 – Master Yoda

Book Week Parade has come and gone for another year, and it was a success.


Joshua wanted to go as Yoda as he already had the Jedi Knight costume, as well as a sample Yoda hat I had made a few years back. I thought “Hooray!” I don’t have to make the costume this year.

So as the day approached and looking at Pinterest for make-up/face paint ideas, I had seen that Yoda’s cloak is in a lighter colour and that he was wearing brown underneath. The perfectionist in me had mentioned this to Josh and told him, if I had time, I’d make the costume in the right colour way … was I nuts!?

Well, I did have some spare time yesterday and the right amount of fabric, so off I sewed the day away.

I finished it just in time for school pick-up and Josh was very excited to discover the costume in the cupboard as he was changing from his school uniform. The BIG SMILE was enough for me!


Today was the big day. I had purchased face paint by Global Colours in green …


… and got up a bit earlier.


And Master Yoda is ready.


The school had a Father’s Day breakfast this morning, so off he went with his Dad … and success!


My Wardrobe – Hunter Boots

Raining here, again, in Sydney. Which means gumboots weather.

I bought myself a pair of Hunter Boots last year, which I had been eyeing for a few years prior to getting them. So when I found them on website in a size 5! Well, I had to get them (my true size would be closer to a 4 – 4.5, so finding shoes that fit is like heaven)

Here’s My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Mimi showing them off last year

So with the rain out, they needed to be worn!

Here are some Pinterest inspirations

Cleverly Yours



Seeking the South

Monkey & Squish

What I’d Wear



How I wore it

Hunter boots, black leggings, long sleeve white tee, baby blue long sleeve shirt and navy puffer vest.

Teacher’s Gift

Josh’s Year 1 teacher went on maternity leave today. I made her little bub-to-be a cute little bib and puppy softie gift set …


… and a colour block tote bag for her.


And it’s reversible too!


I made one for myself back in September 2012 and it’s a great size bag to throw in a lot of baby/toddler needs for an outing or to take to the beach.


Pattern and tutorial for reversible tote from MADE by Dana

My Wardrobe – Overalls

Okay, have to admit, this piece was a bit harder to get back into. I remember having long overalls in the early 90’s in my later teens going to uni, with not a care in the world how I looked.

But when I wore it then, I was skinnier, I wore it with a midriff singlet that showed my bare sides and during summer when you just felt good.

So, when I contemplated buying one this time around … hmmm? Wasn’t too sure. I already have short overalls and they are fine and look cute. But my hubby’s voice just kept sounding in my ear “You look like you’re going farming” :/ Oh dear!

But, I did buy a pair and set out to look on Pinterest how to wear them “fashionably”



Riches for Rags


Camille Styles


Art Symphony


Where Did You Get That

How I wore it

Long sleeve white tee, black slouchy beanie and overalls (from Cotton On) and croc skater shoes (from Topshop)

My Wardrobe – Maroon Jeans

I’m one of those that need to see it on someone else to get inspired on what to wear if the item of clothing is normally out of my fashion sense.

It takes a bit longer for me to work out what will go with what or even try out a new colour, shape or pairings. So I have been pinning pieces of clothing in My Style Board of things I already have in my closet and see what other pieces will go with it.

Today’s item that I want to wear is a maroon corduroy jeans, so quickly pinned a fashion ideas to go with it.

Necessary Clothing


The BCN Fashionista

Love, Lipstick and Pearls

Note to Self

Golden Moments

How I wore it

Suede ankle boots, jeans (mine was actually more purple-ly, than maroony), white tee and a big square scarf I tied at the end to make into an infinity scarf.

Lil’ Sis My Teeny-Tiny Doll®

I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the My Teeny-Tiny Doll® family

ls mttd

Lil’ Sis MTTD.

She’s a bit shy at the moment, but my little Josh has named her Lil’ Sis MTTD Sally. She is a great MY FIRST MTTD for the littlest and youngest member of the family as she has no removable parts and has a little rattle in her tummy.

I’ll make a few of her and make them available by end of week. She is just way too cute at 8″ tall – or rather, not so tall :P