[CUSTOM} My Teeny-Tiny Coco Chanel Doll®

Firstly, I miss blogging! It was only this Thursday that I truly realised I went back to work full-time, outside of home & Cook You Some Noodles® that is, which was over a year ago now.

I thought I’d still be able to maintain sewing and creating My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® at least on a regular basis. But alas, time outside of normal 9-5 I spend napping or doing more “work”. Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy doing extra time on work stuff some nights, it’s not that I have to, but it’s ’cause I want to.

Just need to find some balance as I do miss sewing and creating new things.

So today, I got started on a custom request from one of my regular customers.

She bought a book for her little one – Little People, Big Dreams – Coco Chanel by Isabel Sanchez Vegara, illustrated by Ana Albero


Photo courtesy of Angus & Robertson Bookworld

And wanted a My Teeny-Tiny Coco Chanel Doll® version. So here she is





11 thoughts on “[CUSTOM} My Teeny-Tiny Coco Chanel Doll®

  1. Hi Mariane, your dolla are the cutest, thanks for sharing!
    I sew some similar ones for our nieces and I would lilke to know if it’s allowed to sell mine here in Germany? Please reply.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Oh my goodness, this is perfect, my little girl is odsessed with this book… would I be able to order a coco doll… please please please please kx

  3. Hi there.
    Our little love loves coco and was wondering if you would be able to make a coco just like this one for her and how long it would take. We are in Australia so not sure where you are and if it even worth while posting?
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Amalee 🙂

    • Hi Amalee. I am able to make My Teeny-Tiny Doll Coco as per this post. Let me know if you are still interested. It’s AU$40 + shipping. I do have limited fabric for it, so let me know if still interested. Thank you so much. ~ Mariane

  4. Hi Marianne,

    I would love to buy one of these from you for my little daughter who adores Chanel.
    Would that be possible?

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