Peg Board Storage

Today’s tidy and organise area is my sewing machine desk. I used to have 2 cork boards there, but since I used them on the vision board desk side of my work station, I was left with a blank wall. Below is the finished vision board.


I had a couple of peg boards I bought a while back from Bunnings that I had up at one time, then took it down when I rearranged my work space for the nth time. So, got I got one of them out of the cupboard and screwed it to the wall.


I gathered some inspirations from Pinterest for ideas on how I can set it up.

Photo courtesy of Fabric Paper Glue

Photo courtesy of Ginger Snap Crafts

Photo courtesy of Bloglovin’

Photo courtesy of iHeart Organization

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

Photo courtesy of Craft-O-Maniac


I’ve pinned some more pictures in my Creative Space Pinterest board. Before I get started though, I have to find all the hooks that inserts into the peg board. I must have cleaned up so well, that now I can’t find where its new home is …. hmmm!?

Going to try my best to get everything sorted in my work space before Christmas, if not before my younger boy’s birthday on the 30th … or before New Year’s Eve … fingers crossed!




Fiday Find! Shirt Tissue Holder

Surfing the web, as you do at 3 o’clock in the morning when you can’t sleep, I stumbled upon this sewing pattern on etsy.

Photo courtesy of Sewn Ideas Pattern

Photo courtesy of Sewn Ideas Pattern


Shirt Tissue Holder by Vivi of Sewn Ideas Pattern on etsy

So I got to cutting and sewing that same VERY early hours of the morning and made these 2 tissue holders.


They are so easy to make and a great idea for stocking fillers or as teachers’ gift. So if you’re savvy with the sewing machine (or even if not and just a beginner) check out the pattern.

If you are interested in one already sewn, just message me on Facebook, comment below or send me an e-mail to

Have a great day!

Saturday {SHARE}

As most of you know, we moved to a new flat 3 weeks and ago and I’ve been pinning madly ideas for the home and my sewing area


I made new cushion covers for the lounge room keeping it basic and neutral with black and white.

CYSN Living Room.

Adding pop of colour with flowers or maybe with a colourful throw later down the track.

CYSN Living Room.

I’ve kept the lounge room neutral because just behind it is my sewing area which already has LOTS of colours, accented with red key pieces.sewing area.

There are still a few more spots in our flat that will need sprucing up, so always on the look out for DIY ideas. So here’s the first CYSN Blog Saturday {SHARE}

Here’s one I saw on Channel 10 TV Show The Living Room (Season 3 Episode 6) in the “Quickie with James” segment to celebrate International Colour Day, “to freshen and liven up a space” with a fabric patchwork art piece (segment starts at 19:36 into the episode – episode here)

Screen shot courtesy of The Living Room Season 3 Episode 6


Screen shot courtesy of The Living Room Season 3 Episode 6


It’s a great way to use up all the small pieces of fabric in your stash. May do something like this in the hallway.

So, wishing you all a Happy Saturday and a WONDERFUL 6th Wedding Anniversary to hubby and I.


Mariane of CYSN


My Wall Unit

When I first looked at our new flat, I fell in love with the built-in entertainment unit that was here, but I didn’t want to get too excited in case the rest of the flat wouldn’t accommodate the rest of our “living” needs. So I was happy when hubby saw it later on and agreed that this was the right place to move into.

In our old flat, we had moved my sewing area in the “lounge room” space swapping it with the dining space – as per my then 4 y.o. son’s suggestion (“Mum, if you move your sewing area closer to the door, you’d get natural light and wouldn’t need to have all the lights on all day!” – what a clever monkey!)

sewing area 5


So we set up my sewing space in what would have been the lounge/living room. The built-in wall unit now houses my fabrics and other sewing needs, plus of course a lovely way to display the My Teeny-Tiny Dolls®. Me loves it lots!

wall unitsignature 4.

ADDITION: I got the idea of putting the printer on my IKEA trolley from this Pinterest pic

Photo courtesy of

And I have lots of natural light courtesy of this big window to the left of the wall unit


My Sewing Area …

… is now organised … well, the area you can see anyway. Just don’t look in our cupboards, my bedroom and any other area where a door can be closed .

So here’s a few pics of it. It’s in the same area as our dining space. The sewing and office side.


New purchases from the last time I posted about my sewing space are, 2 red stools. Gives the space more room as it can be slid under the tables. I also bought a white board magnet board for my everyday “to do” list. Also, you can’t see in the picture, but we replaced 6 of our dining chairs with 2 benches, so more room again and has stopped the boys banging their heads on the back of the chairs when they are chasing each other around the dining table. All purchased from my favourite store IKEA.


And on the other side is my cutting table, fabrics and all other nic-nacs.


The extra sewing machine I borrowed from Mum for when I sew very late at night as the other machine is right next to the neighbour’s bedroom wall I think, and I’m sure they won’t appreciate the whirring of the machine 2 o’clock in the morning.

Those red, blue and green 1-2-3 storage boxes are great as you can easily see what’s inside them through the mesh front and again from IKEA for $14.99/set of 3 and fits nicely in that space of the shelves where I can’t re-adjust the shelving space.



I also bought a white board magnet board for this side and made those red-blue-green buntings last night from felt (embroidery yarn threaded through the top of the triangles) to add a bit of colour in that space.


So, there it is, Cook You Some Noodles™ central, where it all happens 🙂


EDIT: I took this photo of the WHOLE sewing area while my youngest wasn’t in the flat as I had to get on the kitchen counter, which I know he would’ve copied if he was here.


Oh, and here’s one I sketched earlier … not. Playing around with the setting on my camera 🙂

My Own Computer

Woo hoo! I got my own computer. Hubby’s lovely boss gave us his old computer from work. So last night I re-arranged my sewing area again to accommodate the computer. Just waiting to get a router to connect it to the internet then I’ll be good to go.

Funny, the other day I was thinking of maybe getting a little notebook computer to house all of my Cook You Some Noodles “stuff” and have it near my sewing area to work more “efficiently” and hope to blog more often.

Mind you, our desktop computer is just behind my sewing tables so it’s not as if it’s in another room. But hey, my wish came true. Will let you know when I make my first post from it.

Here it is looking lovely with all my other sewing and crafting things.


I also utilised a wooden kitchen trolley from IKEA that had been empty beforehand. It now houses most of my fabrics and gives me extra cutting space – helps a lot more as I’m now bending down when cutting.


And the other table is next to the sewing machine/computer table – a nice wide work station.


Weekend update:

On Friday, my brother gave us his childrens’ slide as my niece and nephew have outgrown it. We bought padded mats Saturday morning and set it up for the boys to enjoy. We were lucky that day that the sun was out in the morning, but come midday storm clouds came and it rained the rest of Saturday and Sunday.

Here’s Josh enjoying the slide.


And here’s Zach taking it easy on the chair, then later on a little bit closer to the ground.


Along the way, here’s what I’ve made.

A little pink capelet – an order from our real estate agent.


And new felt shoes – available in my etsy store.


That’s it for the moment – back to my work station.

The Week So Far …

Well I’m enjoying making the skirted diaper covers a lot – they’re just way too cute. Just got to find me a little girly critter to model them on.

I had to go and get some more bias tape, so the boys and I headed out to Lincraft the other day. As well as bias tape, I bought more fabrics – just couldn’t resist.


I couldn’t leave out the little baby boys, so I made just diaper covers for them (sans the skirted part). Here are 2 that are in my etsy store already.


I also made this cute little pink and green check skirted diaper bloomers – bring on the warm weather.


I then repurposed a tweed brown skirt into this cute little boy set – diaper cover with matching appliqued tie t-shirt (size 0-3 months).


I changed my sewing area a little bit again and tidied up all the fabrics. I’m really glad I have that little section of the dining area to work in.



Today has started off really well – the boys woke up in a great mood, I went to sleep earlier last night so feeling refreshed. So, off I go to finish a couple of orders and I bought a new cute little pattern too. But you just have to wait and see what it is when I finish my first sample.

Getting Organised

I was too embarrassed to take a photo of what my sewing area was like before I organised it last night. 

However, thanks to Living with Punks DIY: Custom Design Board, it inspired me to get cleaning and organising. 

Photo courtesy of Living with Punks



Like Susan, I have sooo many things on my To Do list and I have so many different little notebooks that I jot down my thoughts on. Because I’m a visual person, these clipboards will be great to keep all the things I need to do and things I want to do handy. 

So off I went to K-mart last night to buy some clipboards. My ones aren’t as funky as the ones in Living with Punks, but the colourful Project Sheets she provides is good enough. 


I like these sheets because it has so much space to jot down my ideas, place fabric swatches and keep the patterns I need clipped at the back. 


I also organised my shelving and storage area. I got rid of the things that I do not use on a regular basis (placed them in another cupboard) and organised all the things I need all the time and made sure they were easily accessible from my sewing chair. 


Now my sewing table is clean and can house the big cutting mat that my Mum gave me – don’t you just love Mums. This will make cutting patterns so much quicker. 


Off to the left of the table is my fabric stash – that I still have to re-organise. But atleast with the other area cleared I’m focused and motivated again. 

This Week I Felt …

This week I felt awful – I’ve been ill all week – just getting better now. However, the orders to be made did not stop nor care that I had teary eyes, runny nose, itchy throat and aching body.


I also used felt for the 2 orders I finished this week. First on the list was an order for 11 Mariane Keychain Dolls as mementos for a basketball team – the customer wanted 10 girls and one of the coach aswell.



I’m also trialing new designs for my swing tags – here’s my current one.


I saw this free tutorial for hang tags from Craft Gossip, so I wanted to try to make some myself. Here are some of the ones I made up.




For the Mariane Keychain Dolls I put their names on the 3rd tag.




Now I just have to figure out an economical way of printing them. If I print them myself, it’s just going to cost too much on HP ink. Another way is that I still have free prints available from the store I bought my camera from … hmmmm?


The second item was Scarecrow (from Wizard of Oz) Mariane Doll. Here are some of the other dolls I’ve made for my friend.





Follow the yellow brick road.


This week I also felt like re-arranging (again) my sewing area – I think the change lifted my mood.


The 2 tables put together like that actually doubles my work space, so maybe that’s what motivated me through the blocked nose and headaches of the flu.


Okay, onwards and upwards. Lots more things to do – loving the constant orders, but I really have to start planning a lot better from now on.