“School is fun!”

I just woke up from my nap (it seems I do quite a lot of napping here at CYSN). I couldn’t sleep last night due to the anticipation of my youngest starting Kindy today. I didn’t want to go to bed and not be able to sleep, full of anxiety on thoughts of how today would go. So Hubby stayed up with me and we played “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” app until I was sleepy enough – I did still wake up in the middle of the night though.

I cried my eyes out this morning after I said goodbye to him, comforted by Hubby and my older son ❤ I managed to take only one picture of him before the battery died on my camera and was thankful it was a great shot.


We are transitioning him into school by having shorter days these next 2 days. Hubby was to be on standby incase the school called if he was too distressed. He didn’t get any calls and my heart eased a bit more as the morning progressed. Hubby was told that Zach was giving high-5s to the staff during the school tour and was in good spirit.

When he was picked up after a few hours, Hubby told me he was eating his morning tea with his classmates (that was a bit of a worry too whether he was going to have anything to eat at all), so that was great! These pictures were captured by his teacher who let me know that Zach had a great morning and eased into his activities without any distress.


He came home to me with the biggest smile and said “School is fun!” My heart eased and knew what I knew in my heart of hearts … that he will be Okay!


I guess the anxiety had built up for over a year and a half when we decided to delay him starting Kindy, but glad we did as I believe he wouldn’t have handled it as well if we started last year. After knowing the great day that was had, Hubby and I looked at each other and smiled. We tried to nap on the couch before picking up our older boy and realised how tiring it is to be worrying parents.

Whatever the next few days, term or year bring for my little one, I will remember this day and think he will be Okay! He is my different kind of wonderful little man and am happy that I am his mother that worries about him ❤



Christmas gifts for school friends and teachers

I made a few things this year for the boys’ school friends and teachers.

For Zach’s preschool and daycare teachers and his OT, I’ve made them each cute little make-up bags, which totals to 13 make-up bags (the ones below as well as in different prints)

These are made from Michelle Patterns


For Josh’s school friends as well as other teachers who’d taught him along the year, I took a picture of him in a red t-shirt and asked him to stand in front of our Christmas tree fabric. Then I used picmonkey to erase the graphic that was on his tee and replaced it with the “Merry Christmas 2014” text, as well as added the Santa hat and rosy cheeks.


I placed 4 copies on a single word document and had it printed at a printers (to save my own ink at home), bought candy canes and cut out 2 slots near his hand and inserted a candy cane in each card so it looks 3D


And finally, I made his Year 1 teacher a Christmas stocking, which I thought turned out pretty good (yes, I do surprise myself sometimes)


I chose a nice font from picmonkey, printed it out and cut each small letter on felt and glued and sewed each of them on the fleece part of the stockings. I also cut and sewed Ms Goode’s first name on the other side, so she can either use it in class or at home.


Josh’s original Year 1 teacher went on maternity leave in August and this is what I gave her for a teacher and baby shower’s gifts – blogged about here

edwina  Collage.

Tomorrow is Josh’s last day of Year 1 … where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that I took this photo of his first day of Year 1 (left) with his last day of Kindy 2013 (right)


Then on Friday is Zach’s last day of daycare and then starting Kindy next year … aaarggghhhh! Happy and anxious time for me! 2 boys in big school!