Glinda The Good Witch Mariane Doll

She is finally finished (to my friend Shaye’s great delight). Shaye has a fascination for Wizard of Oz memorabilia (she has almost all off the original L Frank Baum books, the two movies, and the Gregory Maguire adaptations).

So when I first made The Dorothy Mariane Doll, she bought it right away and made the next following orders: The Wicked Witch of the West, Glinda The Good Witch, Tin Man, The Wizard, The Scarecrow and The Lion.

I have already made Dorothy and The Wicked Witch Mariane Dolls



So the 3rd installment in The Wizard of Oz Mariane Doll collection is Glinda the Good Witch


Next one I’ll be making is either The Tin Man or The Wizard.


Now Shaye is not short of talent herself. She’s actually a brilliant artist and specialises in paintings.

For Edward’s birthday a couple of years back, she painted Edward and I on a 36″ x 36″ canvas – it’s magnificent:


When we moved to this flat last year and the way we arranged our furnitures, it left a couple of big walls blank. What a better way to fill it up but with pictures of our 2 little guys – and the best way to do it was to get Shaye to commission paintings of Josh and Zach.

She’s finished Zach’s one and it is painted on a 24″ x 36″ canvas. This is just way too gorgeous:


Shaye’s work of art can be found on deviantart muse1176.


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