Fairy Mariane Doll

I finished another Mariane Doll order. This one was for a 3-year-old girl named Jodie (photo of her below). Eleonor (my cousin – who also ordered the Claire Mini-Mariane Doll) said that Jodie “is very witty and likes colouring in. She also likes fairies. Cindy (the mum) plans on dressing her up as a fairy on her birthday”.  

My cousin Eleonor (left), Cindy and her daughter Jodie


So I thought a nice pink fairy would be great. Making this doll was a bit different to the other dolls I made as the recipients were grown ups. I had to make sure it was safe for a toddler to play with (nothing small than can be swallowed). So I couldn’t put too much embellishments on it, but I still had to make sure it was of the same standard and quality as my other dolls.  

I made this fairy doll sitting down so she can sit next to Jodie and I gave her movable arms (by placing buttons in the inside of her arms). She has a nice pink tutu and ballet shoes. Also, for the wings I made them fully of felt as I couldn’t put any type of wiring for safety reasons and I made her hair the same style as Jodie’s in the picture. She turned out beautifully and I’d be proud to have her as my little fairy angel.  




Mini Mariane Doll

I received another order for a Mariane Doll mid January and this was for her friend for her birthday. The requirement was for the doll to be half the size of the normal Mariane Doll (which is approx. 32cm/12in) so “[she] …able to pin it on her or on her bag like an accessory”.

I was given a few photos to work with:

So I reduced the pattern for the doll to 2/3 the size (I first reduced it to 50%, but that was too small). I made the hair fully blonde as that was part of the request. I sewed on a ring to the top of the head and attached a red cord to it – she ended up being 25cm/10in tall. I quite like her high-top shoes and the graphic on her t-shirt