Friday Finds!

Hello everyone. Today is FRIDAY! Yay! Oh and I only realised yesterday that there is just one more week of this school term. Yikes! And that it’s only 3 months and 2 weeks until CHRISTMAS! Honestly, where has the time gone. I still remember when my youngest started Kindy this year.

Anyway, with *whisper* Christmas coming towards us, I really should start thinking and planning better about Christmas presents. Now I love making things for my Mother-in-Law and in the past I’ve made her purses, bags, coasters … things I knew she would like and use on a regular basis. Now she’s a Mum of 10 (my hubby being the youngest) so she always has a lot of the family over for Sunday lunch at her place, and when I saw this lovely DIY coaster, I think it’s something that she would like. The tutorial can be found here by Thirty Handmade Days – A creative project for everyday.

Photo courtesy of 30 Handmade Days


I first saw this on SewCanShe, which I subscribe to, which feature different tutorials from around the blog crafting world.

So if you want great ideas for crafting projects, make sure to follow SewCanShe.

Once I’ve made the coasters, I’ll show you the end product. If you’re going to make it too, show me by sending me pics of your project 🙂

Not a lot from me today as I am still not feeling too well. Remember I was ill on Wednesday, well hubby ended up sick too and last night, my older boy woke up in the middle of the night sick. So, not the healthiest household here at CYSN, but thankful it was only a 24 hour thing with the little one. Now hoping the youngest can fight off the bug.

Have a wonderful Friday though and hope to catch up with you later on Facebook land.


My Sewing Area …

… is now organised … well, the area you can see anyway. Just don’t look in our cupboards, my bedroom and any other area where a door can be closed .

So here’s a few pics of it. It’s in the same area as our dining space. The sewing and office side.


New purchases from the last time I posted about my sewing space are, 2 red stools. Gives the space more room as it can be slid under the tables. I also bought a white board magnet board for my everyday “to do” list. Also, you can’t see in the picture, but we replaced 6 of our dining chairs with 2 benches, so more room again and has stopped the boys banging their heads on the back of the chairs when they are chasing each other around the dining table. All purchased from my favourite store IKEA.


And on the other side is my cutting table, fabrics and all other nic-nacs.


The extra sewing machine I borrowed from Mum for when I sew very late at night as the other machine is right next to the neighbour’s bedroom wall I think, and I’m sure they won’t appreciate the whirring of the machine 2 o’clock in the morning.

Those red, blue and green 1-2-3 storage boxes are great as you can easily see what’s inside them through the mesh front and again from IKEA for $14.99/set of 3 and fits nicely in that space of the shelves where I can’t re-adjust the shelving space.



I also bought a white board magnet board for this side and made those red-blue-green buntings last night from felt (embroidery yarn threaded through the top of the triangles) to add a bit of colour in that space.


So, there it is, Cook You Some Noodles™ central, where it all happens 🙂


EDIT: I took this photo of the WHOLE sewing area while my youngest wasn’t in the flat as I had to get on the kitchen counter, which I know he would’ve copied if he was here.


Oh, and here’s one I sketched earlier … not. Playing around with the setting on my camera 🙂

New craft toy

With all the crafts I do, there are some ironing that need to be done. This include ironing the small amount of fabrics that have been folded in the stash, for seam allowances and for small pleats. I normally would turn the iron on in the laundry and leave it plugged on until I finish all the necessary ironing. To my hubby’s annoyance, I sometimes forget it’s on (I know, not safe :(, but if it’s any consolation, I never go out with it plugged in).

So I thought I’d buy myself a mini iron that I can have next to my sewing area. Requirements are that I don’t leave it on and not have it accessible to little fingers – yes hubby. Found this one at Lincraft (Birch craft’s Mini Iron). Isn’t she adorable.


I also bought a few more fabrics for my buttercup bags. From top to bottom: drills daisy in navy, a heavy weight denim, an oriental brocade and cotton for lining. I also bought brooch pins as I am going to make the flowers detachable.


When I got home, I re-assessed my sewing area and decide that I would re-arrange it again (this would be the third time). Where I first had it (next to the computer table) I needed more space. So I moved it to the back wall – but I couldn’t see the TV from there, so I moved it back to its original position. But alas, it was not working out, so decided that if I wanted to watch TV, I couldn’t do it while sewing. So I moved it all back last night.


 I moved the 2nd shelf where the sewing table used to be – the arrangement is more user-friendly and doesn’t feel cramped.


There are a few things I need to do to make the area more efficient:

  • Make new pin cushions x 2 (1 for the sewing table, 1 for the cutting table) – done 19/02
  • Put another holder for tools such as pencil, scissors … for the cutting table area
  • Put some hooks on the wall to hang tools I use often
  • Put sleeve pockets on the wall to put my paper patterns in