All in 1 Wallet

I bought this All in 1 Wallet from Napkitten Pattern’s etsy shop back in May but I haven’t had the chance to make it ’til today.



I needed a little bit of a break from making my custom orders, plus I needed a new wallet that could house all the things I take with me and this wallet is perfect for that.


I used a red and white gingham for the lining, red canvas for the internal pockets and external panel and a dark denim for the main part of the exterior. I also added a red tab on the side so I can clip my keys to it and used magnetic snap closure instead of velcro.



This All in 1 Wallet has six card slots, a note compartment, a zippered coin pocket, and one pocket on the inside …



 … and a zippered compartment on the outside.



The pattern instructed to have an internal canvas for interface to make it sturdier, which I omitted but I will make sure next time to add as this one turned out a bit flimsier than I wanted (I thought the dark denim would be thick enough). However, with all the cards it holds its shape pretty well.


Tomorrow, I will get back to finishing a custom order Mariane Doll. Here’s the WIP doll hanging out with Laid Back Jack.