My Little Dolly PJs

I am starting to make additional clothes for the My Little Dolly series, in the hopes that those that buy the My Little Dolly will purchase additional clothes later on as their little one’s play get more creative and complex.

My aim is to make the dolls themselves very basic so that love ones can buy it for children under 3 and have it child friendly. And as the children grow,  they can add new outfits to the dolly’s wardrobe.

The most popular dolls sold last year were the My Little Bedtime Dolly and My Little Bedtime Buddy.


So the first outfit is the My Little Dolly PJs



This  pink and white pinstripe top  has a white Peter Pan collar with matching pants. This outfit gave me the opportunity to use one of the many stitches on the new sewing machine Hubby bought for my birthday early in the year – the scallop stitch. The top and bottom have the scalloped edge finish and it has a matching pink slippers.


The top and pants are cleanly finished with all edges overlocked so therefore can be thrown in the wash without fraying.

So more outfits to come. Patterns designed by Dolls and Daydreams: Doll:, Clothes: and and Slippers:


If you are interested in the My Little Bedtime Dolly, I can customise one for you. Send me an e-mail on OR pop by my etsy store for already made, READY to ship My Little Dollies.


Baby Mannequin

I want to make a few more baby clothes and plan on making sure I take better photos of my creations when I put them online.

With the diaper covers, it works well when they are displayed on a hanging line with 2 little wooden pegs clipping them on.


The reversible open back dress on its own is also fine to hang on the line with pegs.


However, the set together seemed a bit 2 dimensional on a hanger.


So I started scouting around for baby models online. I saw some body forms


and mannequins


both from Shopfitting Direct. The mannequin was a bit pricey for me at the moment (especially just starting out) but the model form was okay, but you would need minimum order of $50 in total.

So back to the drawing board to think what other ways I can display my yet to be made baby clothing range.

Then it hit me … Nuno Dolls. This is where I got the pattern for my Mariane Dolls. It provides a tutorial and pattern for a life size baby doll.

So yesterday, I got out some calico fabric and started cutting, sewing and putting together a cloth baby mannequin.

I thought I’d just make it roughly and didn’t take much care in putting it together. However, it turned out much better than I thought … I may have to make another one (once I get my baby clothing range started).

So here she is – I did start to make yarn hair for her but I thought I’d just leave her bald at the moment. I did put to pearl pins in her ear lobes for earrings. She is size of a 3 month old.

I must say, that the first head I made for her was a little bit too small – it was only the size as a newborn (14″ head circumference). So I re-jigged the pattern and made it a bit wider so then it would be the head circumference of an average 3 month old (16″).


Here are a few pics of her.


Look at her fingers – don’t they look as cute and chubby as real ones.


Here’s what she looks like without any duds on.


And finally, here she is with her reversible dress on and even cute little flowers on her head.


Now I have a baby girl!

New Orders

I received more orders from Poppas Fudge Factory in Young, NSW. She wanted more of the My Little Dolly, fruit baby bibs and counting bean bags.

I made Josh’s counting bean bags from Chez Beeper Bebe’s tutorial. It inspired me to “design” my own bean bags. Now I know you can’t re-invent a square but what I did with my version is top stitch around the edges of the bags for extra security and durability and it gives it a nice border too.


So I made 2 of them and attached a list of suggested activities.


Next I made more fruit bibs: 2 x pears (green and yellow), 2 x apples (green and red) and 2 x strawberries (light pink with tiny polka dots and hot pink with big spots).


Today I’m hoping to finish the My Little Dollies. I have to go to Lincraft to get more felt and also get outside to enjoy the nice weather.

Here is where I’m at with the dolls (making 4 x light skin tone and 4 x dark skinned).


They are starting to get their little personalities – wish I was able to make these when I was young, I would have had a hoot making up so many stories with them.


I couldn’t sleep last night, so I experimented using felt for my fabric flowers. Here’s a little one made from purple felt and measures 2″ across and 1″ high.


Might see what colours of felt Lincraft has – this felt is the ones on the roll and a little bit more pricey but has a nice soft feel.

So busy day today, but for the moment, off we go outside to enjoy some sun!

I Love Surprises

I just love surprises! Both giving and receiving.

My friends had their second baby daughter early August and our family is yet to see her. I made a few things and was waiting for the time to visit to give it to her but both families’ hectic schedules haven’t been in sync, so I thought I’d just post it without telling my friend.

She received it today and she was very surprised – yay! The reaction I was after. She loves it all.

Here are the things I sent.


I made her a name bean/rice bags.


2 fruit baby bibs.


And a crochet brimmed beanie with flowers.

Newborn Brimmed Beanie - Orange with White and Pink Flower


Here’s little Freya with the beanie on (thanks to her mum Shaye for sharing the pic)


Adorable – even her outfit matches!


Now as for receiving surprises I got 2 today. I had ordered a baking set from my friend A-M (she’s a Tupperware host) but I wasn’t expecting to get it today. Her husband Dean was kind enough to drop it by. I can’t wait to start making cookies and biscuits with Josh.


The second surprise was a lovely Thank You gift from Dean’s Under 12s Basketball team.

A while back, I had made Mariane Keychain Dolls for Dean to give to his team for a special game they had interstate – according to the girls’ messages to me, the dolls brought them good luck!


All their messages were so lovely and I’m so glad my creations bring joy to those that receive them – thanks girls!

Dean is the one on the left the super coach

So today was such a lovely day – big smiles all around.

Mini Mariane Graduation Doll

Remember the first Mini Mariane Doll I made?


The recipient of this doll ordered one for her friend’s birthday. She wanted the doll to be in their graduation outfit but with a twist … she wanted her holding a light saber. When they graduated, they were using the bouquet of flowers they received as light sabers, so she wanted the doll to reflect the fun they had that day.

She gave me a few pictures to work off.


Here’s my Mini Mariane Graduation Doll – with light saber.

I love her eyes.


May the force be with you.

Little Girl Doll and Purse Gift Set

We went to my friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday party yesterday and I made her handmade fabric doll and matching purse set.

I designed the doll through trial and error and the bag pattern I discovered from this article featured on Craft Gossip.

I stitched on 2 cute little felt hair clips with flower bradlettes on it and made her red felt mary-jane shoes.


I embroided her facial features.


The fabric I used for the little purse is the same as the doll’s dress and stockings. I changed the size of the handle pattern from what was instructed in the tutorial. I used 2 x (10″x 6″) because I tucked the handles between the exterior and lining rather than sewing on the outside of the purse like pictured below.


I also boxed the bottom corners of the bag.


By sewing the handle between the exterior fabric and lining, you actually make the bag reversible. So what I did was monogram the little girl’s initial on the other side of the bag with the contrasting fabric. I used double-sided iron on adhesive and then blanket stitched for extra security so the bag can been thrown in the wash.



I liked this little gift set so much that I have started my new range of CYSN merchandise – Little Girl Doll and Purse Set.

I have finished 3 dolls already and finishing up on my 4th. I am going to design a little purse myself to go with it, so hopefully they work out well.

Sylvia Mariane Doll

I had made a Coraline Mariane Doll for my Aunty a while back.


She wanted me to make a Mariane Doll for her daughter Sylvia. She wanted the doll to have brown thongs, black shorts, blue t-shirt and her hair in a ponytail. I finished her today – I embroided her lips and I think I’m liking it (gotta try to get more practice though).


All in 1 Wallet

I bought this All in 1 Wallet from Napkitten Pattern’s etsy shop back in May but I haven’t had the chance to make it ’til today.



I needed a little bit of a break from making my custom orders, plus I needed a new wallet that could house all the things I take with me and this wallet is perfect for that.


I used a red and white gingham for the lining, red canvas for the internal pockets and external panel and a dark denim for the main part of the exterior. I also added a red tab on the side so I can clip my keys to it and used magnetic snap closure instead of velcro.



This All in 1 Wallet has six card slots, a note compartment, a zippered coin pocket, and one pocket on the inside …



 … and a zippered compartment on the outside.



The pattern instructed to have an internal canvas for interface to make it sturdier, which I omitted but I will make sure next time to add as this one turned out a bit flimsier than I wanted (I thought the dark denim would be thick enough). However, with all the cards it holds its shape pretty well.


Tomorrow, I will get back to finishing a custom order Mariane Doll. Here’s the WIP doll hanging out with Laid Back Jack.


More Dolls

I made a few more dolls since the other day when I made my first Black Apple Doll.

The next one I made I increased the size to 200% of the pattern provided. She is quite a good size and one that will be good for preschoolers. She’s 18″ (46cm) from head to toe.

So here is Lou-Lou with a nice blue dress with bright orange colour and a multi-coloured tights. I also attached a “CYSN” label on the side of her dress.


I got Josh to pose with Lou-Lou so you can see a size comparison.


I think on the next shot, Josh wanted to see if she would bounce – nope, she doesn’t!


Next, I wanted to see if I could design my own doll that could run parallel with my Mariane Dolls collection, suitable for younger kids.

Here is my first trial, I think she’s cute. I painted her eyes with acrylic paint (the marking of the magic marker are yet to fade away), I gave her thumbs, but I think I need to have the thumbs facing up. She stands at 15″ tall (38cm)


However, for the moment, I do like the look of the Black Apple Doll pattern. I am in the process of finishing up a boy doll, he is just too cute. Will post pics soon.

Basketball Mariane Doll Keychains

I have finished! And I am very impressed with the result.

These Mariane Doll Keychains would make a great team or school end of year keepsake. Also great gift idea for graduations, as wedding cake toppers or as little dolls for your kids’ toys.

If you are interested in a quote, click here.


So here are they are, ready to go, with individual CYSN gift tags


And here’s a nice Norths Bears 2010 team photo