DIY Lace Eye Mask

A friend of mine had a birthday party yesterday and the theme was masquerade. So, as a do-it-yourselfer, I looked on Pinterest for some ideas on how to make your own eye mask.

I did venture into Lincraft to see if there were any already made eye mask that I could maybe embellish myself, but non were to my liking. Then I saw this one tutorial on Pinterest.

Photo courtesy of Sprinkles in Spring

Photo courtesy of Sprinkles in Spring

 This Chic Masquerade DIY Mask blog post by Kara of Sprinkles in Springs not only has the step by step instructions on how to make one, but she even provides you the template of the mask.

So, I printed the template (I manipulated the size by stretching or squashing it so it would fit the measurement of my face and eyes, and so give a more custom fit – you can do this on PowerPoint Presentation).

Armed with the template, masking tape, Glad Wrap, tule and paint I did a couple of test runs earlier in the week.


The paint I used was a dimensional paint, but I found it a bit thin and so was a bit runny and the lines spread and bled into each other, which meant I lost a bit of detail in the lace lines.


Then I remembered I had puff paint in my paint stash

The consistency of the paint was much thicker, so it didn’t move and kept it shape.


So once the paint dried, I cut off the excess tule and tested it on myself. Happy with the overall shape and size, I did another one but this time on black tule (which is the one I ended up using).


I didn’t add the ribbon to the ends (as per the instructions on the blog), instead I just used eye lash glue to keep it on my face all night long. I was happy with how it turned out and I didn’t have to worry about it falling off or sliding off my face throughout the night. It was a lovely night and a beautiful way to spend by friend’s birthday and to be a part of her special moment 🙂

By the way, I made hubby a Batman eye mask. My friend had a photographer take photos of her birthday celebration, so hoping to get some shots from her of hubby 🙂 Have a great Sunday all!


Josh’s Halloween Costume 2015

At first, Josh just wanted to be a ghost and put a white sheet over him with holes for the eyes. I, however suggested that that was too simple and how was he going to eat the food at his school Halloween disco with a sheet over his head and no arms!

Still not having made up his mind yet on what he wanted to be, it was a stumble through Spotlight on Sunday afternoon that he decided he wanted to be a zombie when he saw a top hat with a knife through it.

So all of this week, I got ideas together in my head on how I was going to put the outfit all together. So, we had the hat *check*

Next, zombie clothes! Hmmm? … off to YouTube I went and got great tips from the costume designer of The Walking Dead TV series (LOVE that show!) Eulyn C. Womble. In this documentary Inside The Walking Dead, at 7:57 (minutes) into the clip, she shows how she zombified an outfit.

How she cuts into the clothes. Here I am with the bread knife serrating into one of Josh’s old t-shirt.


Next, the clip shows how she sprayed the clothes to make it look like it had mold, puss, vomit and blood. I got my acrylic paints and mixed the colours to make mold (green and black), puss and vomit (yellow and brown) and blood (red and black) and diluted them with a bit of water.


Then I got a pair of his old sneakers, cut into them and also sprayed it to make it look old and muddy with blood splatter.


So that was all done yesterday morning while Josh was at school, and in the meantime I searched YouTube for zombie make-up inspiration. The videos that I liked and drew inspiration from was this one, this one, and this one.

So once Josh got home from school and had his afternoon snack, I got started on the make-up.

First, I added tissues on his cheek so I could cut into it to make a gash. I mixed a tiny bit of modge podge (or you can just use craft glue) with water to fix the tissues on his cheek – no face latex necessary.


I used the hair dryer (cool setting) to help speed up the drying process.


Once dry, I applied foundation on the tissues to blend the colour into his skin, then cut a slit in the middle of it (very carefully as not to cut into his cheek). Then opening up the tissues to make it look like a gash, I coloured the inside with a red (stay-on) lipstick as well as some black eyeliner to make the outer part of the gash old and dried up.


I then applied purple, grey and black eye shadows around his eyes to make them look sunken and dead!


After a bit more use of mixed dark grey and taupe eye shadows for the sunken cheeks and lifeless lips, he popped on his zombie costume.


And off he went to his school Halloween disco.


He walked the street …


…. terrorising the living


Trying to get to the little kids at school … Aaaaaaarrgghhhh!


If you haven’t got a costume yet for Halloween, I hope this inspires you to make a zombie outfit with what you have at home – easy and just use what you already have at home (apart from the hat).


What’s Coming Up Wednesday!

Hey, hey! Happy hump day 🙂

Counting down to the end of school holidays. Told the oldest not to be on the computer or iPad playing Minecraft for too long … write a story or something.


So he got his notebook …


… and wrote about Minecraft facts! LOL. Oh well, he’s writing 🙂

So in between trying to figure out things for them to do and yelling at them not to do this, or not to do that … “don’t hurt your brother”, “get off that”, “don’t touch that” … you get the idea, I was able to sew some My Teeny-Tiny Doll® A-Line Dresses.


I know a few of you have asked for little clothes for your MTTDs, so I will make them available tomorrow night in my bigcartel shop. But for now, will try to have a happy Wednesday with my adorable, trying my patience, little guys!

Christmas gifts for school friends and teachers

I made a few things this year for the boys’ school friends and teachers.

For Zach’s preschool and daycare teachers and his OT, I’ve made them each cute little make-up bags, which totals to 13 make-up bags (the ones below as well as in different prints)

These are made from Michelle Patterns


For Josh’s school friends as well as other teachers who’d taught him along the year, I took a picture of him in a red t-shirt and asked him to stand in front of our Christmas tree fabric. Then I used picmonkey to erase the graphic that was on his tee and replaced it with the “Merry Christmas 2014” text, as well as added the Santa hat and rosy cheeks.


I placed 4 copies on a single word document and had it printed at a printers (to save my own ink at home), bought candy canes and cut out 2 slots near his hand and inserted a candy cane in each card so it looks 3D


And finally, I made his Year 1 teacher a Christmas stocking, which I thought turned out pretty good (yes, I do surprise myself sometimes)


I chose a nice font from picmonkey, printed it out and cut each small letter on felt and glued and sewed each of them on the fleece part of the stockings. I also cut and sewed Ms Goode’s first name on the other side, so she can either use it in class or at home.


Josh’s original Year 1 teacher went on maternity leave in August and this is what I gave her for a teacher and baby shower’s gifts – blogged about here

edwina  Collage.

Tomorrow is Josh’s last day of Year 1 … where has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that I took this photo of his first day of Year 1 (left) with his last day of Kindy 2013 (right)


Then on Friday is Zach’s last day of daycare and then starting Kindy next year … aaarggghhhh! Happy and anxious time for me! 2 boys in big school!

Cool Yule, Darling Harbour

We made a quick dash to Darling Harbour tonight to see some of the attractions of the Cool Yule, winter celebrations, while it wasn’t so busy.


The boys under the Let It Glow, giant snowflake.


Slid down the Thredbo Snow Slide


And finally, a walk through the Frozen Forest …snow 1 snow 2 snow 10.

… with Josh “ooing” and “aah-ing”.

snow 8.

Ending with a wrestle in the snow!


Next visit, we have to go on the Winter Festival Ice Rink, Lindt Lindor Snow Balls, let the boys go on the Cool Yule Snow Pit and finally watch the Frosty Fireworks. Great to live in the city of Sydney!

Day 2: School Holidays Cont’d

The latter part of the day, we tapped into our culinary skills – and in my case, this means taking out the box of cupcake pre-mix that I had bought to use the previous school holidays, hah!


The best bit about baking chocolate cupcakes … licking the bowl afterwards.


While we waited for the cupcakes to cook, Josh had a nice teeny-tiny babycinno


And once the cupcakes cooled down, we decorated it with the icing that came along with the pack and some sprinkles we already had on hand.


So we’ve enjoyed some of our cupcakes during afternoon tea and for dessert. Little Zach loved it and was singing “happy Birthday” as that’s what he associates with any chocolate cake – precious! 🙂

Tomorrow is a sewing day but will try to sneak in a “shopping” playdate with Josh as we’ve had to push that back today. Phew, hard work trying to work out activities with a 6-year-old, as it seems it’s not enough anymore to let them just play with their toys on their own.


I’ve scheduled the next product release for this Friday 27th September 10am (AEST) and have started to upload My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® preview in the shop


2 days in and I already need a holiday from the school holidays.

Sunday Family Fun

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Sydney and last night I did tell hubby that we should take advantage of it and have a day outside. However, I was enjoying the morning at home, and Josh has been “bugging” us to play with him at home and do things with him. So I made hubby in charge of that, so I could keep sewing – LOL!

Earlier today, Josh played dress-up as a dinosaur, danced to a dinosaur song on playschool and decided to draw a dinosaur on the computer … RAAAAR!


He asked what else he should draw, so we suggested a tree, a volcano … then I said what about Dad being eaten by the dinosaur and he thought that was quite funny.


Then Mister Maker was on ABC4KIDS and he made a space drawing with black paper and chalk. Here is Josh’s masterpiece.

After some lunch, I got the MakeDo Kit that I had bought from Lime Tree Kids the other day – I bought the Free Play Kit for One

Photo courtesy of Lime Tree Kids


And here’s what the boys made with their Dad.


BEEP, BEEP! Hope you’re all having a great Sunday too and see you later tonight for the Halloween Showcase.

Family Fun

It’s been lovely just taking it easy and enjoying time with my boys 🙂

Playing drums with empty boxes and toy pots and pans


Made some felt strawberries for our farmers’ market


Educational fun with magnetic alphabets and numbers and a baking tray.


And to top it off, Josh got a Certificate of Merit at school assembly for “his beautiful manners and kindness to all”

Hope you are all having a great weekend as we are here enjoying some much needed time off at CYSN

Great Day Out!

I was woken up this morning with Zach my youngest chanting “Go Tram!” I looked at their Dad and shrugged “Well, guess I’ll be catching a tram today”. So we all got dressed, caught the Sydney Light Rail to Jubilee Park and went and played in the playground.

park 23.

Then we climbed the big trees and picked up sticks.

park 25.

We then had a bit of a relax and watched the world go by in this beautiful winter’s day in Sydney.

park 24.

We were getting a bit peckish, so I asked Josh what he wanted for lunch and he said “fish and chips” since we were near the Fish Markets.

park 12.

The boys had fish cocktails and chips, while I had prawns and lobster *yum!* while we enjoyed the view, watching a pelican and seagulls fly by.

park 18



Since they were both behaving so well and mum having a nice relax day out, I treated them each with a chocolate Billabong icecream and me with a classic Drumstick icecream cone *triple yum!*

park 19.

And we ended the day with a balancing walk home.

park 22.

Now they’re playing in the lounge with their trains and train tracks. Might be able to sneak a bit of sewing in between.

signature 4Photos taken on Samsung Galaxy SII Smartphone and exposure and colour edited with picmonkey

One “teeny-tiny” step at a time!

Getting there, today the phone line got connected, so that’s a good start. Now just waiting for the modem to get delivered and hopefully (as per internet service provider advise) we should get our internet on within the next 3-5 business days … oh, the wait!

But, no matter. Keeping positive. When I do get online, I’ll have a few My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® (MTTD) available, and one of them is MTTD Sarah in her new striped dress and sunshine yellow slouchy beanie.

sarah 2

And as mentioned in a previous Facebook status update, I will also have MTTD Max, Dorothy, Annie, Gigi, Emma and a Superhero Yellow Pants with his own sleeping bag (teeny-tiny superheroes need naps too, you know)

.Now for the little residents of the new CYSN central, they are loving our new apartment and I gave them a little “welcome to your new home” gift – Super Sorting  Pie from Learning Resources

sorting pie

It’s a great learning toy for the boys to learn counting, colours and shapes of different fruits. I love how Zachy says banana and proceed to “pretend” eat them 😀

Oh I do hope you’re all well. We’ve been good here. Just our bedroom stuff to sort out as the rest of the flat has been organised and sorted. Can’t wait to show you all my new work area – really does make a big difference having a lovely space to work in. Now, If you don’t want to miss out on when I’ll have the next product release, you can subscribe to get e-mail notification of my blog posts, straight into your inbox. Just scroll right down to the bottom of this page and you will see a subscribe button on the right hand side. Have a good night and chat again very soon, hopefully from my own internet connection 😉

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