Carry-Me Bag

There’s been lots of interest in my My Teeny-Tiny Doll® Carry-Me Bag on Pinterest, so I thought I’d make one – available now in my bigcartel store


8″ Lil’ Sis & Carry-Me Bag

I received a custom request for two 8″ Lil’ Sis My Teeny-Tiny Dolls® & Carry-Me Bags for 2 adorable sisters. Before committing to saying yes, I had to see if an 8″ Lil’ Sis would fit well into the Carry-Me Bag pockets. They did and here are the adorable 8″ Lil’ Sis sisters in their very own Carry-Me Bags.


Don’t they look like they are about to go on a fun ride like a roller coaster? And they did go on a fun ride – I popped them in and twirled them like crazy .. and they both hung on for dear life.

So there you go, both the 11″ My Teeny-Tiny Dolls®, and now also the 8″ Lil’ Sis can go on a wonderful adventure with your little ones in the Carry-Me Bags.


If you are interested in something similar, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail to or PM on Facebook

Teacher’s Gift

Josh’s Year 1 teacher went on maternity leave today. I made her little bub-to-be a cute little bib and puppy softie gift set …


… and a colour block tote bag for her.


And it’s reversible too!


I made one for myself back in September 2012 and it’s a great size bag to throw in a lot of baby/toddler needs for an outing or to take to the beach.


Pattern and tutorial for reversible tote from MADE by Dana

My New Bag

Thought I’d have a {PERSONAL PROJECT} today when I received my $5 Friday e-mail from Michelle Patterns


Photo courtesy of Michelle Patterns


So I bought the 2 Additional Sizes of Messenger Bag (2 smaller sized bags) as well as the original Messenger Bag pattern – approximate dimensions 11″ (W) x 10″ (H) x 3″ (D) for the instructions. Now Michelle’s patterns (previously know as KeyKa Lou) is how I learnt how to sew. Her comprehensive tutorials with lots of step by step pictures are fantastic. She also has additional handy tips in her blog. I used to sell women’s purses and handbags from her patterns prior to making toys and dolls and now the My Teeny-Tiny Dolls®.

So with the rain today and the boys out of the house, thought I’d make myself a new messenger bag. Now for school pick-ups and drop-offs, I would only bring my keys, which I think is quite irresponsible of me, really. I should bring my mobile phone and ID aswell. Most of my bags now-a-days are big ones to house all the necessary stuff you need with 2 little boys and the small bags are more clutches and are a bit dressier.

My progress of the bag got me really excited and was keen to get it all finished before the boys arrived home.

messenger bag 2.

So after 2 hours, I finished!

bag 1bag 2


I love the pocket at the front, as well as the internal pocket.

bag 3


The fabrics for the exterior and the lining are both from IKEA

fabric CollageAs you can see, I omitted the front buckle straps and I just used magnetic snaps.

If you can sew (even if just a beginner) check out Michelle Patterns – highly recommend them

signature 4.

EDIT: Pardon my tracky daks (tracksuit pants) and sweatshirt, but thought I’d show you the bag worn on.


Baby Bunny and Bassinet Set

With it raining here in Sydney and the dark overcast sky, it’s great to just sit back, not use the sewing machine and relax … well the best way I know how. By doing some handstitching.

I made another Baby My Teeny-Tiny Doll Bunny with her very own baby pink bassinet.


She is all snug in her very warm wool blend bassinet.


She is a great accessory for your My Teeny-Tiny Doll as a little sibling or baby cousin. Or a great toy on her own (although not suitable for rough play) and fantastic Easter gift idea.


She measures just a mere 3″ from the top of her head (not including her bunny ears) to the tip of her toes. Her bassinet measures 3.5″ x 2.5″ and both made from wool blend felt.


Baby Bunny is made using a Gingermelon pattern while the bassinet was drafted and designed by me.

The set is available now in my etsy store. SOLD

Josh’s Overnight Bag

Here was a last-minute project I made for Josh on Christmas Eve. We were gonna sleep over my brother’s place Christmas night and Josh wanted to pretty much wanted to bring his whole toy collection with him for the sleepover.

He only had a small wheelie bag that fitted only a few things and not much room for anything else, like his clothes and “Peter” his Rabbit.

So I made him a duffel bag from Saltwater-Kids’ tutorial

Photo courtesy of Saltwater-Kids


 I pretty much had all the supplies on hand (see, it is good to buy all those fabrics and supplies even if at the time there is no immediate use for them). The fabric is from IKEA and the nylon webbing is from Spotlight. Josh picked out the black fabric, as we didn’t have green ones (he’s favourite colour) that was thick enough for the bag, with red webbing handles.



This bag is big enough to fit 4 sets of change of clothes for Josh and Zach, fitted their non-inflated arm floaties and of course Peter the Rabbit (pattern from Dolls and Daydreams)


Josh liked it so much he wanted to carry it for the rest of the night and insisted for it to be next to him in bed while he slept.



Thinking of making one for myself now 🙂


Josh’s New Tote Backpack

I have been so busy that I have neglected my blog for a while, so will try to get posts up more regularly. I also haven’t had the time to catch up with my favourite blogs, but the other day I managed to get a bit of time and saw a great project from one of my favourite bloggers Dana from MADE

She made a Transportation Tote for her little guy and I knew it would be something Josh would love too.

Photo courtesy of MADE
I showed it to Josh yesterday and of course he wanted me to make it for him. I love his reaction when I make him something new + he needed a new bag for our outings.
So last night (or in the very wee hours of the morning) I started to make the bag and couldn’t stop and had to finish it. Let’s just say I finished when it started to get light outside – hmm, we’ll see how my mood goes today, so far, so good.
Here is my take on it.
I sewed a black strip of felt for the road and used the following cliparts of the car and aeroplane.

Photo courtesy of Auto Clipart Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of


Since Josh was asleep, I got one of his t-shirts and measured the shoulders and length for the dimensions of the bag.

For the boxed corners of the bottom of the bag, I measured one our lunch boxes to make sure it would sit flat at the bottom of the bag.

To make the tote nice and sturdy, I lined it with the same fabric which I got from IKEA and put 2 sets of pockets inside. One side has two pockets that fits a Crayon Art Wallet and the other pockets I’ve divided into 3 section so it can fit his toy cars and trains.


He was very happy when I gave it to him this morning – I think he said “Wow!” 

Then later he came up to me to say thank you and that I’m “such a good sewer” – aaw, love it! 

Here he is enjoying his new Crayon Art Wallet.


And he’s had it on his back ever since!

Have a great day everyone, as we are xxx  Mariane


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