Work-in-Progress Mariane Dolls

In between making bags and little caps, I still have my Mariane Doll orders to make: Glinda the Good Witch, Coraline (from the animated movie of said name) and 12 mini keychain dolls. My friend Shaye and Aunty Ditha have been very patient with me re: when their dolls would be finished.

Coraline is nearly finished – just face and hair to do (and attach to her body); Glinda – tried to give a perm, but ended up more of a small wave in her hair, finish attaching the star sequins, make her wand & tiara and finish her face. As for the keychain dolls, continue sewing, stuffing and making the basketball uniform and waiting for the different hairstyle and colour and the numbers to put on their basketball singlets. Coraline will be done by tonight, hopefully both Glinda and the keychains by the end of the week.

Just some of the pieces for the keychain dolls

Glinda's perm

Glinda's body

Progress of Coraline last night

Coraline's body


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