Bride Mariane Doll

So you saw the Tinkerbell costume I made for Yvonne’s Hens Tea Party and the Handmade Felt Envelope to pin on her veil, well this Saturday, 30th January 2010 is Yvonne and Jimmy’s Wedding Day.           

Yvonne wanted to have Mariane Dolls of her and Jimmy in wedding outfits. The requirements were:           

Yvonne: backless, cream wedding dress and hair up and Jimmy: Black Suit           

I’ve discovered that if I make the head first, then the rest of the body seem to come together a lot quicker. Because of Christmas, Zach’s 1st birthday (30th December), New Year’s, my birthday (3rd January) and the many events since then, I have been so busy. But I always work SO much better close to deadlines – the creative juices flow a lot better.           

So, I have finished the head and the body of the Yvonne doll. I also chose to embroider her eyes closed with lashes as Yvonne’s eyes close up when she smiles. As for her mouth, the 1st picture below had a much grinnier (is that a word?) smile and after looking at some of the pics from her Hens, the corner of her smile point down a little bit, so I un-stitched the smile and re-did it.             

Previous smile

New smile

Now for her body and the dress, of course Yvonne didn’t want to give too much away about her dress as she wants it as a surprise, so I am going to make a creative interpretation of what the dress may look like. I made a swimmer style top and then I’ll add the skirt part of the dress. Here are a few pics so far of the armless doll:            


I made her veil and attached it to the bottom of the bun and cut a small beaded and sequienced lace for her tiara. The skirt I made very simple, with gathering and 3 little pearl beads at the back (to hide the seam). The finishing touches were a rosette bouquet, pearl earrings and a lace garter for her something blue. I know in the past I’ve said I enjoyed making my Mariane Dolls, but I really DO!        

Here are some photos of her – hope you like.        

Bride Mariane Doll

Felt rosette bouquet

Back of the doll - with tiny pearl beading

Laced tiara

With lace garter



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