Mariane Doll Keychain/Emma’s Hens

Today was another good friend’s Hens party. Emma had a cruise earlier at Sydney Harbour, then a dinner at Gazebo Wine Garden, Elizabeth Bay. She’s a dear friend of mine from where I used to work and of course I had to make her something special.     

We had lost touch for a little bit with her going to a new company and me making my little brood, but she was never far from my thoughts. She is getting married to another friend, Brendan who I also used to work with (he was in the same team as me).     

I wanted something that signified our friendship and also something that can showcase my craft. I thought of making mini-Mariane Dolls in a key chain set (the tutorial from Nuno Life)     

I decided to make a doll of Emma and a doll of me, holding hands signifying our friendship. The photos I referenced from are below – the one of Emma is with a dress she wore to her engagement party and the one of me is of the dress I wore to my birthday party earlier this year (which is also the same outfit I wore to her Hens night)     


Hand stitching smaller dolls (6 inches) takes a bit more time than regular size doll of 12 inches, but the outcome is still very satisfying. Once I made the two dolls, I decided to stitch the hands together and place chains on the heads. I absolutely LOVE the finished product:     


Last night, I had thought of a little poem to go with my gift. After wrapping up the keychain Mariane Dolls, I stuck the poem on the gift:     


 So, I got ready to go to the party and asked hubby to take a photo of me in my outfit and new hairstyle:     


When I got to the Gazebo Wine Garden, I gave Emma her gift, she loved it and showed it off to her family and friends (I’m glad she loves it as I am very proud of the sentiment that went behind making it for her).     

Here are some pictures from the night:     




Kerry, Monika & I



"That's Me!"


I had a beautiful night and it was SO wonderful catching up with Emma.


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