Coin/Card Purse

Sunday afternoon, little boys playing and big boy napping as Zach had woken him up in the very early hour of the morning (I was suffering a bit after Emma’s Hens – not a lot now-a-days to get me tipsy). Nothing on telly, so surfed the web for some quick craft to do. I thought of what I need without having to buy it, and I thought a small coin and card purse.       

For the mums out there trying to juggle the pram, the shopping and the like, sometimes trying to dig for your purse from the bag or the basket of your pram (while one OR both of your kids are sooking or somehow want your attention) can sometimes be frustrating – women, you know your bag has way too much stuff.       

So I wanted a purse that I can clip on the nappy bag or belt for easy access. I saw this tutorial from Sew Christine! and then gathered all the necessary stuff I needed. For a first go, I just got some black cotton drill fabric and I had a bit of yellow bee pattern fabric (from the photos below, you can’t really see it – I didn’t cut the correct pieces for it as a lining feature – oops, next time).       

I got a metal clip-on from a bag which I never use the wrist belt – not bad for first go – it was also the first time I sewed a zipper – pretty cool, thanks to the sewing machine hubby bought me for  X-mas 2007.       

Next time though, I will make sure I will cut up the correct pieces if I want a contrasting lining and allocate a  1/4 inch seam allowance and not the 1/2 inch stated in the tutorial (I just have too many cards that I need for quick outings, plus I carry a bit of coins for those kids’ rides at the shopping centres)       



Yes, the zipper is blue - didn't have a black one handy


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